Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Weensta

I can't believe 9 months has gone by since my baby arrived on this earth. What a blessing she has been in my life.

Let me back track for a minute, Weensta? Her nickname - - Natasha Alina, Tasha Alina, TashaWeena, Weensta - - It fits. Also, my other mother-of-the-year friend wrote a letter to her baby and I wanted to do my own. Hopefully, I will use more of my own ideas then hers. If it is to much like Kellie's I apologize in advance.

My dearest baby girl,

You are such a blessing to me. I have been able to enjoy your every moment. I have refused to leave you for more than a couple hours and I have only done this a couple of times. A couple of times in 9 months? Knowing, that this will be my last baby I have tried to savor your every moment!! We spend 6 hours a day just the two of us together at work. Some days can be pretty hectic, but for the most part I enjoy your company so much - - I feel like you are the most intelligent, advanced 9 month old in the whole world. I'm sure other mothers feel the same about their little ones.

Your newest funnest tricks are singing, babbles with melody. The cutest part is that you rock your head from side to side as you sing. Performing of course - best when we're alone. Sometimes, daddy gets to see your talents.
You also do the cutest wave with a little bay-ba (sing song) as you do it. BYE-BYE.
You can clap - enjoying cheering for yourself. "you did it"
Mommy's favorite of all your talents is the squished up, showing teeth, huffy face - (I'm trying to get a video)

You can feed yourself really well - puffs and mini fruits are your favorite.
You do not like baby food, rice or any of the others I've tried. Mom's fault - chewing and feeding has been my polynesian way. You've never had an ounce of formula. You don't like it and you don't know how to suck on a bottle.
You spend your time in a sitting position these days. Your getting so close to crawling - you get to your tummy very often now and scoot backwards - backwards only.
You are getting good in the walker (at work) - again, you only go backwards. - is something wrong?

You don't sleep through the night - never have!! You've had good and bad times, mom's fault again - - - perhaps we just like to cuddle with each other. You come into my bed 2 - 3 times a night. Eat a little and then I get you back to your crib. - Who knows how much time passes while you are in bed with me. Oh well, a year in the whole scheme of things. I'm taking advantage. I've only gotten mad two nights. You had/have an ear infection and woke up for 3 nights in a row multiple times and wanted to hang out and play - - can't handle that!!

You are a mommy's girl - yeah! Lately though, you've started to like others - mostly family. You've always had a crush on Jonah!! Charley has been a pain until recently and now you love to play and laugh with her. I love to see you when daddy comes home. You light up like crazy and kick both legs and wave both arms. I let you hear him on the phone today - - -You didn't get it so much - - you lit up and looked around the room. You were trying to find him.

You now sit for 20 minutes or so and play with anything - - favorite toys include: bags, wrappers, paper, and binky (you only use it for a teether). Your jumper swing has been so fun for months.

I love you so much - - it's hard to comprehend. A friend told me that she figured that God only screwed up one thing and that is that baby's grow to fast. I want to stop time - - We should get to have babies for more than that one moment of time. Time is flying!! I will never forget these baby times. I've tried my best to photograph and video everything.



Anonymous said...

Sweet baby love! You are such a good mom! I love that you are cherishing these baby moments with Tasha. She is a great baby!

Anna D. said...

Sweet little baby! I'm glad that you are having such a great time with your little one. The time does go way too fast. I can't believe Kari is rounding the corner of 2. It seems like just yesterday she was a little tiny. You'll be so glad that you took advantage of the time and wrote things about her. Our time with our little ones is so special and so hard to hold on to.

Lisa said...

Adorable little Tasha-weensta....that made me cry:(...I am so glad that you are able to stay with one of your babies and have her be a momma's girl....your a wonderful mom & sister....I hope my kids will be as cute, & so talented:)

Adriane said...

Em-you are the best mom and love your baby so much you need to have 10 little Vimahi babies running around! (ha ha), but seriously that was the sweetest letter ever! I want to be a mom like you when I grow up! love ya friend!