Monday, July 28, 2008

Charley's half Birthday

We had Charley's half birthday with Ema Anderson from across the street. Both girls were born on Christmas Eve in 2003. We decided that we had to have a real party in July. Thanks to Becky Anderson for all the great ideas.

It was a bike party in the park in front of our house. The girls both learned to ride their two wheel bikes this year so it was the perfect theme. The kids washed their bikes then, they rinsed them by riding around the park and through the sprinklers. After the bikes were all cleaned they decorated them.
Charley refused to decorate. But her favorite part was the bike parade. She and Ema got to be the leaders.

The whole neighborhood was out. Becky did 20 invitations but I made 48 cupcakes and they were all gone. It was a good time.

I'm a terrible blogger - UPDATE

I've decided that there isn't really a summer anymore. The time has flown by - - -
I just wanted to post an update to the Vimahi summer!! After our amazing time in Mazatlan, we had about a week of down time before two weeks of fun-filled family time. We had 2 big celebrations/parties:

The 2nd of July my baby turned ONE - - - what? I knew it would happen but I didn't want it to. We had a family party on the 4th of July. Tasha's Bday and Independence Day. Fun Fun - -

That next day Saturday the 5th was Jonah's baptism. It was a beautiful and special occasion for him. Jonah had a lot of support from family and friends - thanks to everyone who came. Thank you especially to Grandma Vimahi - she made it especially wonderful for Jonah. He was so handsome and the best part for me was the Jonah sang "Baptism" for the stake portion in the chapel. He loved the "water part" and I have to say: he had a large circle of priesthood holders for his confirmation. I'm so proud of Jonah - he is such a good boy and he has great understanding of the spiritual aspects of life.

Since the first part of July, we have been having more fun!! The following week, we had a lot of fun with cousins including the Zoo, Jayda's baptism, shopping, time at Cirque Lodge, boating, and lots of play time at Grandma's House.