Saturday, March 29, 2008

This is an experiment

I hope this works - if it does, comment and tell me what you think. Double click on image to enlarge!!


Lisa said...

How cute! Looks like a scrapbook page...nice job, your good at this blog stuff!

KC & Nik said...

are you a digital scrapbooker?? I haven't scrpabooked for years, but this looks a little easier. Maybe you can show me how to do it someday.
brecon says you're not a power ranger!!
(he's in here with me!!)

Jennifer said...

I didn't know you could leave comments! Absolutely love the digital scrapbook page. How could it not be adorable with those kiddos on it!

Preece Family! said...


kelliemcc said...

This is so cute, and you are so talented! 2 things, would you please walk next door and tell joann i give up on finding her blog, it's unfindable. Closest I got to was this: (sorry no links in comments that sucks!)
2nd how do you get it so that you can click on your scrapbook page and it comes up bigger. I cannot figure this out it has only worked on one of my posts and I didn't do anything different. HELP ME!!!!
Thanks for your help in advance!

Anna D. said...

way cute. I think that Adrienne uses photo shop to do all that cute