Friday, March 7, 2008

Charley at Mimi's

Charlise got to stay at grandma and grandpa's by herself for the first time last night. She was excited all week long - and with good reason -- - - - she got/is spoiled.

Some cute quotes from Charley:

She was crying like crazy on Sunday when Aunty Lisa left after dad's birthday party - - mom promised her that she could just go stay at her house by herself. - She didn't say when though . . . . .

Monday afternoon she called her grandma and in her sweetest voice said,"Mimi, I'm ready. . . ." Grandma had a touch of the flu and cried because she couldn't come get her. She promised her later in the week.

They picked her up last night and immediately went to Walmart to spoil her. Mom let her pick out an outfit (cute pants and a jacket)and called to tell me last night that Charlise informed her "I can't get this outfit, mom told me I could never beg you for anything. . . . . " After she knew it was ok - that grandma wanted to get the outfit . . . then Charlise said "Mimi, I have to get a shirt to go with it . . . what if I get a little hot, I will need to take the jacket off."

Charley is so cute and so fun!!! She is forever our entertainment - - - -


Lisa said...

cute little charly....she know's how to work her little magic...can not wait to have them come & visit with aunty lisa...yeah!!!

Preece Family! said...

I want to go spend the night in Mimi's condo in Mexico!

KC & Nik said...

ok Em - I'm in!! looks good! You'll have to show me how to work out a few things to add to mine!

Anna D. said...

Way to work it Charly!