Thursday, April 3, 2008

Awesome for Conference

I'll give credit to my mother-of-the-year friend Marissa for this - - visit her blog and get an awesome conference packet for your kids or for you!! - Marissa Romans.

Click on the link to Marissa then the conference packet link on her site. It really is a great one!!!


Marissa said...

I am so NOT mother of the year!!! Cuz you haven't seen my house in all it's chaos, and you haven't seen my fro lately and all it's bird nest-ness!!!! :) Your baby girls is SO SO SO SO cute, i wanna pinch her cheeks. I've already received revelation that her and Rocky are gonna hook up down the road - or at least at one of the Dance Clubs in Provo. You KNOW they both will be shaking it like their mothers!

Pam said...

I found you! :) That IS an awesome Conference packet!