Friday, May 16, 2008

JONAH the latest on video

I always say that Azu is amazing! She is my daycare provideer. She's had Jonah since he was two and Charley her whole existence. She did/had a great mother's day party for us on Friday the 9th. It was a breakfast with the kids performing various talents. THE BEST THING DONE FOR ME IN A LONG TIME - - Jonah read us a story about mothers.

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Gabaldon said...

jonah boy what a cute reader, & what's up with Tasha she love Azu & is not crying while she is holding her...aahhh, that makes me sad....she so cute, probly my own fault we do not come up as much to have her love us.....lucky Jonah & Charly love us a bunch:) Your a wonderful, adoring mom & I hope that I will be able to be a fun, patient mom like you when the time comes, your a wonderful sister & I love you! Thanks for everything you do for me:)