Monday, May 5, 2008

Jonah's Blog

Jonah Vimahi checks his blog daily for comments. Please comment if you see this.

If you doubt he'll know who you are - - -don't he's a very bright wonderful boy!!

Some are still awaiting the van pics. It will come - - I've got lots on my mind and to-do list!!


Adriane said...

Jonah! I check your blog all the time. I just wait until I see something new. Check out my blog. We had a really fun 80's party that your mom and dad would've been too had they lived near us. Hope you're having a great day! See ya, Adriane

Preece Family! said...

Jonah is so grown up! I remember him as a newborn at Brandons mission homecoming. Time flys! Where are the van pics? I bet you are ridding in style. You better be sporting some sweet sunglasses in your new ride... I also want to see a picture of your new short hair(didnt you chop it).