Thursday, February 7, 2008

A new fun for me

I guess this is fun!!!  I have been asked and asked to make a blog.  The request is filled.  May this be the most creative and fun thing I have ever done.  Now, I guess I won't have to bug everyone with my pictures and email - - I'll just be adding and updating my photos here so everyone can take a look.

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Alisha Betenson said...

Good idea to blog instead of email. I think it means you have too much time on yours hands:). GET TO WORK! Oh yeah you lucky you don't have to do that anymore. I mean doesn't everyone think that raising three kids, cleaning, cooking, acting as a chauffeur, and filling in as a unlicensed nurse when the kids get hurt, sounds like not working? Keep you head up you are doing God’s work. Miss you guys a ton! You should come visit one of these days. We have heard that spring comes to Virginia the first part of March, sounds good I hope it's true.