Thursday, February 14, 2008


Notice our new couch - - - -
The kids were very excited this morning. They had their Valentines ready to take to school. They worked so hard on making them perfecto - - They got new journals for Valentines Day.

Last night was terrible here in Eagle Mountain Utah. We got a surprise snow blizzard - - horrible winter storm. I'm trying to decide if I should be totally depressed because my Valentines Fun was ruined. We had a hot date planned last night (couples massage and sauna) We didn't make it - - A neighbor had taken Charley down the road for dance class. They got stranded along with Vili for four hours - from 4 to 8pm. Back at the house, Jonah, Tasha, and I along with babysitter Jazmin sat snowed in and waited to see when daddy and Charley would make it home. They hung out at Arctic Circle only about 7 miles away in Saratoga Springs. To make matters worse, Sissy got a tummy ache at Arctic and Vili has a horrible cold. There was a 15-20 car pile up on the only road out to our house SR 73. The back (country) road was completely closed down also.

There were still 5 cars snowed over, off the road - - a great distance - on my way to the store this morning. My total drive isn't even 10 miles. The roads are still snow packed - treacherous . Schools are closed. Some children were trapped in school buses that were stuck until 8pm. My kids are at Azu's. She had daycare kids until 9pm or later because parents couldn't get to them. - - I don't think anyone will even be in today with their dry cleaning.



Lisa said...

Holy molee...I had no idea...glad everyone is doing good...the kids look soooo adorable! give them loves from aunt lisa & uncle anny

Anna D. said...

Hey..Nice couch! I want one.

That storm was ridiculous! I'm glad that is behind us now and hopefully that was a one time wonder.

Sorry about your Hot date... hopefully you can still go another night.

This will be one valentine's day we will never forget:)

Cute kids...Cute Post!

Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so glad I live in lovely Las Vegas... it was in the 70's yesterday then a storm blew in and now we are back down the the chill of 50 degree's! Remember the storm at my baby shower... sounds like this one was worse that that. I am glad you are all safe.

Alisha Betenson said...

So sorry about your date. Glad we missed that storm. Gabriel had two snow days this week but it was all because it snowed a quater inch. Let me tell you the people in VIrginia are freaks about snow! Love the new couch, I think it is FAB! Is the rug new as well?

Marissa said...

emily - your kids are so cute!!! I can't believe you have 3 now and you married Jelly -- I was there when it all began, Enrich warehouse, No Scrubs -- those were the good old days!!! If I ever make it out to Utah again (ha!) your kid's will definitely meet Aunt Moisha!!!!
And p.s. sorry about your busted V-day!