Friday, April 10, 2009


I was just made aware that some don't know our big - grand - surprising news!!! Baby number 4 is on HIS?? way - - -

Funny thing is that we were done with Tasha. I'm to old. Tasha is still a baby at only 20 months - I really don't need another??

I told dad that apparently some baby wants me!!! Pray that all goes well - - we want a healthy one


Ben and Heidi said...

So are you having thoughts that this is going to be a boy or is it just wishful thinking :)

Mikal Preece said...

Tasha will love a little brother or sister. Vimahi kids are so cute.

vfg said...

Yes, when you do such a good job...

What else is to be done?

Congrats :)